The Troupe

Dayanisma is a professional ATS® troupe that was created in 2011 by Dawn Ruckert. The mission statement of Dayanisma is “To convey our joy and love of dance in a way that is felt as well as seen.”

Our goal is to be “ambassadors of dance.” This means always acting professionally, supporting other dancers (particularly those without as much experience), being kind and helpful, and representing this troupe in a way that makes people think of us as approachable, fun and talented!

The troupe is Co-Directed by Dawn Ruckert and Lisa Allred. Information about our 12 talented troupe members can be found under Troupe Members.

Debbie and Karen perform at ATS Reunion in Phoenix, AZ
Lisa is surrounded by workshop participants at ATS Reunion

What is American Tribal Style® (ATS® ) Bellydance?

ATS® is a modern style of bellydance created by Carolena Nericcio, founder and director of FatChanceBellyDance®.  Group improvisation is the key characteristic of ATS® bellydance. Using a vocabulary of movements and cues, ATS® allows dancers to communicate with each other while engaged in the dance, bringing it to life. With movements inspired by folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and India, ATS®— though a modern dance— feels as if it has been around for many generations. Vibrant costumes, enticing music, exotic movements and interaction between the tribe of dancers combine to develop incredible dance creations.


Each performance is a masterpiece of art and joy.

“Dayanisma is one of the best large ATS® troupes in the world.”

— Terri Allred, producer of ATS® Reunion

Wait, that performance wasn’t choreographed?

“I was impressed before but now that I realize their performance was improvisation, I am blown away.”

— Page Cvelich, local fan